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LA Drama Queens Make Up
July 13, 2009, 2:12 PM
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David Beckham says his issues with Los Angeles Galaxy teammate Landon Donovan have been resolved.

Donovan had called Beckham a bad captain and portrayed him as stingy in an upcoming book.

Beckham insists issues resolved with Donovan

Beckham insists issues resolved with Donovan

Beckham practiced with the Galaxy on Monday for the first time since returning from a five-month loan to Italian club AC Milan.

Beckham says he spoke to Donovan recently, but the details of their conversation will remain private.

On Saturday at an MLS event, Beckham called Donovan’s behavior “unprofessional.”

Beckham plays his first game of the season with the Galaxy in New York at Giants Stadium on Thursday. On Sunday, the Galaxy face AC Milan in Carson.


Landon just doin' his deal.

Landon just doin' his deal...drinkin' some water

Analysis:  This honestly feels like an episode of Gossip Girls.  Not like I would know what that’s like, but if I were to watch an episode, this is how I envision it…but with dudes.  I’ll credit Beckham with being the bigger man and not blabbing to the press about the whole issue, but, despite claims from both players saying the other is unprofessional, they both come across as, ironically, unprofessional.  Whether it actually is resolved or whether they are just claiming it is for the benefit of the team, nobody will be able to look past the fact that it still happened.

Result:  Beckham is aging and would find it harder to find another place to play with as much press as he gets (in the States) and for that kind of pay.  He might be able to find some sides that he could walk on to, but I think it’s Donovan who has the bigger potential.  He’s 27, just performed wonderfully at the Confederation’s Cup and could be linked with a move abroad soon.  I said it before, and I’ll say it again, one of them will leave once the season is over.


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i don’t think beckham was unprofessional at all. what else was he supposed to do? he stuck up for himself and then initiated private (key word here landon..) talks to resolve the situation.

read my article on it here:

Comment by chrisutd07

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