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Hostile Reception for Becks
July 20, 2009, 12:19 PM
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England international David Beckham found the criticism too much to take in his first home game back with Los Angeles Galaxy, which came against, of all teams, AC Milan on Sunday.

The 34-year-old tried to hurdle a barrier to get to a group of fans who had been jeering him throughout the match and appeared to make a “come on” gesture. Security had to hold the star back as he tried to get across to the supporters, while one fan had to be stopped from getting out of the stand to confront the star.

LA Galaxy fans made their feelings toward the English midfielder known.

LA Galaxy fans made their feelings toward the English midfielder known.

A hardcore section of the crowd booed Beckham every time he touched the ball and held aloft signs reading “Go Home Fraud” and “23: Repent” in reference to his shirt number.

Another read: “Hey Becks, Here Before You, Here after You, Here Despite You” while one stated: “Is evil something u are…or something u do?”

Galaxy fans refuse to forgive Beckham first for opting to return to Europe to play for AC Milan and then for making no secret of his desire to stay at the San Siro.

The apparent snub has angered some Galaxy fans, notably a hardcore that sit in the so-called LA Riot Squad section.

Beckham explained afterwards in comments broadcast on Sky Sports News: “I tried to shake one of the guy’s hands but he didn’t want any of it. That’s the way it is.”

It is not the first time that Beckham has reacted badly to such behaviour from the stands. He escaped punishment for making an obscene gesture to abusive England fans after 3-2 defeat by Portugal at Euro 2000. And he has never hidden his disappointment at jeering fans since.

After the incident, Beckham was escorted into the changing rooms but did reappear for the second half while the group of fans who had upset the player were joined by a team of yellow-jacketed security staff.

Even so, Beckham had a hand in both Galaxy goals, scored by Alan Gordon and Bryan Jordan, as they twice came from behind to draw 2-2 with the Rossoneri. Thiago Silva and Filippo Inzaghi scored for Milan.

After the second Galaxy goal, Beckham turned and shrugged his shoulders in the direction of the section of crowd that had been jeering him.

The former Manchester United star was substituted after 75 minutes and walked off to a mixture of cheers and boos.

On the boos, Beckham said: “It’s to be expected. Sometimes it goes beyond it. The majority of the fans have been great.”

LA Drama Queens Make Up
July 13, 2009, 2:12 PM
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David Beckham says his issues with Los Angeles Galaxy teammate Landon Donovan have been resolved.

Donovan had called Beckham a bad captain and portrayed him as stingy in an upcoming book.

Beckham insists issues resolved with Donovan

Beckham insists issues resolved with Donovan

Beckham practiced with the Galaxy on Monday for the first time since returning from a five-month loan to Italian club AC Milan.

Beckham says he spoke to Donovan recently, but the details of their conversation will remain private.

On Saturday at an MLS event, Beckham called Donovan’s behavior “unprofessional.”

Beckham plays his first game of the season with the Galaxy in New York at Giants Stadium on Thursday. On Sunday, the Galaxy face AC Milan in Carson.


Landon just doin' his deal.

Landon just doin' his deal...drinkin' some water

Analysis:  This honestly feels like an episode of Gossip Girls.  Not like I would know what that’s like, but if I were to watch an episode, this is how I envision it…but with dudes.  I’ll credit Beckham with being the bigger man and not blabbing to the press about the whole issue, but, despite claims from both players saying the other is unprofessional, they both come across as, ironically, unprofessional.  Whether it actually is resolved or whether they are just claiming it is for the benefit of the team, nobody will be able to look past the fact that it still happened.

Result:  Beckham is aging and would find it harder to find another place to play with as much press as he gets (in the States) and for that kind of pay.  He might be able to find some sides that he could walk on to, but I think it’s Donovan who has the bigger potential.  He’s 27, just performed wonderfully at the Confederation’s Cup and could be linked with a move abroad soon.  I said it before, and I’ll say it again, one of them will leave once the season is over.

Beckham “Uncommitted”, Blasts Donovan
July 2, 2009, 9:57 PM
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David Beckham has come under attack from L.A. Galaxy team-mate Landon Donovan just as he prepares to return for action with the MLS team.

In a new book due out later this month, Donovan claims Beckham has demonstrated little commitment to the Galaxy cause and has been a negative influence on the team since the ousting of former coach Ruud Gullit.

“All that we care about at a minimum is that he committed himself to us,” Donovan says in ‘The Beckham Experiment’, authored by Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl.

“As time has gone on, that has not proven to be the case in many ways – on the field, off the field.

“Does the fact that he earns that much more money come into it? Yeah. If someone’s paying you more than anybody in the league, more than double anybody in the league, the least we expect is that you show up to every game, whether you are suspended or not. Show up and train hard, show up and play hard.”

Donovan, who is the United States captain and wears the Galaxy armband in Beckham’s absence, also questioned the former England skipper’s leadership abilities, claiming he is too often silent in team meetings.

“Maybe he’s not a leader, maybe he’s not a captain,” he said. “Fair enough. But at a minimum, you should bust your ass every day. That hasn’t happened. And I don’t think that’s too much for us to expect. Especially when he’s brought all this on us.”

Beckham’s first season in MLS was a largely miserable experience. He struggled with injury as an unbalanced Galaxy team struggled all year and missed out on the play-offs, with Gullit quitting before the end of the campaign.

Gullit’s departure, which came a little over a month after Beckham’s Galaxy debut, is the moment Donovan believes the light went out for the club’s marquee player.

“When David first came, I believed he was committed to what he was doing,” Donovan said. “He cared. He wanted to do well. He wanted the team and the league to do well.

“Somewhere along the way – and in my mind it coincides with Ruud being let go – he just flipped a switch and said, ‘Uh-huh, I’m not doing it anymore’.”

Donovan even claimed Beckham is a bad team-mate, because of his lack of commitment.

“He’s not shown (he’s a good team-mate),” he said. “I can’t think of another guy where I’d say he wasn’t a good team-mate, he didn’t give everything through all this, he didn’t still care. But with (Beckham), I’d say no, he wasn’t committed.”

Beckham pushed for a loan move to AC Milan in January, and then extended it to the point that he missed half of the 2009 MLS season. That served as evidence that he does not care for the league, according to Donovan, who gave up his chance to play in Europe early in his career in order to stay at home.

“My sense is that David’s clearly frustrated, that he’s unhappy and, honestly, that he thinks it’s a joke,” he said. “I also kind of feel (he has taken the team) for granted. I don’t see dedication or commitment to this team, and that’s troubling.”

Beckham is due to make his return for the Galaxy against the New York Red Bulls on July 16, two days after Wahl’s book is due to be published.

He will line up alongside Donovan in that game, but the striker does not want that to be the case for much longer.

“Let’s say he does stay here for three more years,” Donovan said. “I’m not going to spend the next three years of my life doing it this way. This is f****** miserable. I don’t want to have soccer be this way.”

ANALYSIS:  Wow, Landon.  I can imagine these comments coming out maybe after Beckham left, retired or YOU moved on to another club…but Becks returns for preseason in like three days.  Talk about awkward.  I can’t imagine how this will mess with the team chemistry, if the two biggest stars on the team hate each other. That dressing room will be awfully stuffy.  To be fair, Beckham does seem quite nonchalant about the whole LA Galaxy affair, but he’s your team mate and, whether you like it or not, captain.  What is going to happen when they see each other again?  I’m sure we’ll find out.  Could be interesting to see how the soft-spoken Englishman handles it.

Result:  One of them will absolutely have to go.  Unless there is a make up to the equivalent to…something, then one will have to leave.  There will just be too much between them and it will resonate throughout the entire team.  Maybe this is a good thing, maybe this will mean Donovan finally moves on to Europe, and even though I don’t like him that much, I think he can cope with some of Europe’s clubs.