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In terms of manliness, Wes Sneijder ranks right up there with the best of them.  “Them” being Steve McQueen, Don Draper and Aaron Ralston.  After divorcing his ALSO smoking hot wife Ramona Streekstra in January 2009 and began seeing Dutch model Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen.  By December 2009, the two were engaged.  Sneijder is now Catholic by Van Kasbergen’s inspiration.  Bitch move, but hey…just look at her.  Could you say no?  I’d go scientologist if she asked twice.

Nothing like good side boob. Well, I guess frontal boob would be awesome, but we'll take side if we must.



I don’t care about claims of infidelity, Alex Curran is a babe.  Sure, one of her children may not be Steven Gerrard’s, but is that what this page is about?  No.  She could have the illegitimate child of a bouncer named Pancake, do copious amounts of drugs and still make the cut…wait…she’s done both of those.  Curran is a model and columnist for the Daily Mirror, and recently launched her aptly named fragrance line called “Alex”.  27 years old, she is one of the bonafide WAGs of the reeling English camp along with Coleen Rooney, Cheryl Cole, Abigail Clancy (scroll down) and Victoria Beckham.  Cheater?  Maybe.  Who are we to judge?

You wouldn't guess it, but Curran is a mother of two.




After making so much noise in the World Cup, Forlan has been getting a lot of attention.  You know who hasn’t been getting enough?  His fiancé, Zaira.  She is frequently compared to Adriana Lima, and if you know anything about anything, you know that basically means she’s knockout.  Apparently, she’s pursuing a career in law at the University of Belgrano.  My question is “Why?”  There is legitimately no reason to even think about it.  If you’re a babe raking in money for being absurdly good looking, plus you’re engaged to one of the premier footballers on the planet who coincidentally happens to be making BANK.

Hard at work studying law...



Sometimes you just have to ask, is life fair?  Then I watched Landon Donovan’s winner against Algeria and then answered with a

The actress shows off her...beautiful eyes.

“hell yes, it is”.  I’ll be damned if Landon isn’t getting his sandwiches made by the hottest woman alive…well that’s funny, because Bianca Kajlich falls right into that category!  Granted, the couple separated in 2009, BUT Landon said he talked to her on the phone after the Algeria game and said it was, “nice”.  Now, I can read between the lines and let me just tell you what “nice” means.

Landon: Did you see my goal?

Bianca: Oh my god, of course I did.

Landon: Whatever.

Bianca: Landon, please take me back! I need a real man in my life! You’re my man!

Landon: You’re not shit to me.

Bianca: I know! You’re totally right! Please take me back!

Landon: Bye.

Manly speech = never exceed 5 syllables per response.  Despite the fact that he is probably allowed access to many of the world’s beautiful women…he’d be hard pressed to find one better than Kajlich.  According to Maxim, he could only find 73 better in 2004 and only 62 in 2007 as she featured at #74 and #63 on their Hot 100 list.

Not convinced yet?

What Landon wants to see when he gets home...only with a sandwich waiting for him in her hand.



Amazing body? Czech.  Topless photos? Czech.  The Italian shot stoppers girlfriend and mother of his two children is a WAG by all means.  The Czech model lives and works in Italy where she lives with Gianluigi and their two sons.  Ironically for Alena, “Seredova”, in Czech, means “ugly person”.  Well isn’t just a shame…because she is a 10.  No question.  Take a look.


Runner up for Miss Czech Republic in question is: if she lost, who won?

No comment.



The girlfriend of the bean-pole striker is a knockout.  A 10.  She is amazing.  Born in Crouchie’s old stomping ground, Liverpool, the WAG has made headlines for forming a small time band, Genie Queen, being 1 of 2 finalists in Britain’s Next Top Model and after losing that, posing half naked for guy magazines across the world (Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated..etc).  Despite Crouch breaking up with her over the 2006 World Cup due to drug allegations, he couldn’t stay away from this 100 and some odd pounds of smoking hot woman.  Blame him?

Body paint. Just body paint.

If it came down to it...I guess I would.



Yeah, she's ok...

Sarah Brandner, the girlfriend of Bastian Schweinsteiger is a bonafide WAG.  The Bayern Munich star has had five girlfriends or so in the past two years, but has said  that he has found happiness with his latest wench: “she has played a big part in my performances lately,” he insists.   To be honest, I don’t know how he focuses on football with all that going on at home.

If Schweinsteiger weren't a footballer, he'd be hard pressed to net a lady like Sarah Brandner.


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